New Stations Wanted

DBAI is looking for new channel partners in 2019.

  • Do you have a station that is top quality?
  • Does your station sound totally professional?
  • Would you like to bring it somewhere that covers royalties for music that is played?
  • Are you ready to advance to the next level?

If you answers are yes to the above questions then we need to talk. We are looking for 4-6 channel partners to join our ranks in the following Genre’s:

  • Top 40/Pop
  • Rock (80’s & 90’s)
  • Lite Hits
  • Jazz
  • More Available (Contact Us for details)

Channel Partners must be DBAI members and pay annual dues, SoundExchange Deposit (2 easy payments of $260.00), Streaming Fees based on monthly TLH and must use our streaming platform (required for proper reporting). You must agree to follow the DMCA rules and send the proper metadata required for collection and report submissions.

Our team handles all the reporting to the Performance Rights Organizations and all you need to do is program and promote your channel.

We have low cost Windows Virtual Servers with NextKast Radio Automation or Station Playlist Pro built in from our technology providers if you want to put your station on the cloud.

Our Channel Partners Receive:

  • Live and Historical Statistics through Pro-ARM (our Analytics & Royalty Manager solution).
  • Station Manager Alerts if your stream goes down.
  • Unlimited High Availability Streaming with True Port 80 and HTTPS.
  • Unlimited Listeners.
  • No Bandwidth Restrictions.
  • Free Support & Training.
  • Use of Our Directory and Mobile Apps.
  • Larger Stations may qualify for our Advertising RevShare Program to help with streaming costs. This is provided at no charge by our Technology Partners.

2019 Annual Membership: $99 (up to 3 stations included)

SoundExchange Deposit: $500.00 Annual Deposit Due in January of each year (can be split into 2 payments of $260 each).

Contact Us for more information and current streaming rate plans.